LOGOS- not a no-go!

Hey! I have been surfing the web these past few days trying to decipher the newest trends for summer ’16. I gotta say that i have noticed a ton of awesome trends for this summer, including LOGOS!!!! Do you remember when logos were in? Then they weren’t anymore- then you could not be caught dead wearing one. And now… they are back in style!! Yippee! — As you can tell, I am a huge logo fan- i love the look of  a Moschino dress with the word “Moschino” emblazoned all over it and a Victorias Secret Pink sweatshirt with the word “pink” printed on it!! Do y’all feel me or do ya not??? Cmon, comment below what your take on logos are– are they a no-go or a yes-go?? 😉 and follow/subscribe!! XO



oh my goth!

Hey! I have been looking at the recent fashion week runways shows, admiring all of the new and forthcoming trends for the next season– GOTH!!! Goth recently has been one of the hottest new trends on the runway for spring 2016. All black ensembles are totally in right now! A goth outfit looks totally chic and put together. It can be very fancy or casual and you can literally wear this trend anytime, anywhere, anyday, anywhere 🙂  I really want to hear your opinions and know what you guys want me to blog about next!! Leave a comment and subscribe/follow!! XO



shoulder(less) vibes

hey! just starting out my very own fashion blog– what an exciting time in my life :)) the first topic we gotta discuss is the new SS16 trend of shoulder-less tops/dresses! I was looking through a fashion magazine a few days ago and totally noticed this trend and feel in love instantly.  these shoulder-less tops and dresses are perfect to wear at a summer party, for a beach day or for just chilling 😉 check out the pictures below of models on the runway for this coming season, featuring their shoulder-less outfits and Kendall Jenner at Coachella this week, sporting the brand new trend for this season! what do you guys think about this new trend for SS16? I would love if you guys left comments below and followed !! let me know what y’all want me to blog about next!! XO