summer ’16 (and its trends) are OTW!

You know that exciting feeling you get when summers on its way? I bet most of us are feeling that right now. Along with that feeling of excitement, comes along the feeling of anxiety of what you will wear everyday in the summer (since summer outfits are the most important)

Here are a few tips to make your summer outfits perfect:

  1. WHITE — perfect for any occasion: you can wear it to the beach, to a party, to a restaurant, on a date, etc 🙂 and makes everyone look super tan
  2. PLEATS— pleated skirts, dresses, pants are perfect for this summer! 
  3. NETTING— netted tops and rompers are totally in for this spring/summer
  5. ORANGE— burnt orange, bright orange, light orange are all perfect for this summer
  6. PLAID
  7. FRINGES— on shoes, pants, dresses, skirts, purses look amazing!

Just got this new partially netted romper and am obsessed: KENDALL AND KYLIE- black, netted romper

These are my absolute favorite sneakers: ZARA- fringe sneakers

Leave comments below on what you think of the latest trends, what you think I should post about next, etc!! Be sure to follow! XO

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