LOGOS- not a no-go!

Hey! I have been surfing the web these past few days trying to decipher the newest trends for summer ’16. I gotta say that i have noticed a ton of awesome trends for this summer, including LOGOS!!!! Do you remember when logos were in? Then they weren’t anymore- then you could not be caught dead wearing one. And now… they are back in style!! Yippee! — As you can tell, I am a huge logo fan- i love the look of  a Moschino dress with the word “Moschino” emblazoned all over it and a Victorias Secret Pink sweatshirt with the word “pink” printed on it!! Do y’all feel me or do ya not??? Cmon, comment below what your take on logos are– are they a no-go or a yes-go?? 😉 and follow/subscribe!! XO



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